Here at Walker Miller we take pride in maintaining the highest environmental and operational standards we are therefore committed to recycling as much of our waste as we possibly can

We recycle all ferrous and non ferrous metals, along with returning all batteries to a registered recycling point

We also divide our office and site waste at our premises to recycle all paper and cardboard via specialised companies Our company are also proud to be a registered WEEE collection point for all old lamps.

Energy Saving

The need to reduce energy consumption has affected everyone. Whether you are a commercial company, an industrial factory or even a government run organisation.

Different energy efficient lighting is being introduced by the lighting industry almost on a weekly basis. New light fittings focus the light where it is most needed and switches or sensors turn off or dim the lights when they are not needed thus saving energy. Typically, 20% of a business' annual energy costs are wasted through the use of energy inefficient equipment.

Lighting control is very effective in saving energy consumption and therefore saving money

Lighting controls most commonly come in the form of a manual switch located on a wall close to the lights it is to control. An alternative is for the lights to automatically switch on when movement is detected. PIR detectors come in different forms; either stand alone or built into the light fittings themselves. Some occupancy detectors can sense not only movement but natural light levels thus dimming the light output to achieve the constant required lighting level and again saving energy. The time you want the lights to stay on after you are out of range can also be set to your requirements

A well designed lighting system can also help to reduce energy costs. By using the correct light fittings you can concentrate the light output to where it is most needed and therefore fewer fittings are needed. Allowances can even be made for the effect on the walls, ceiling and floors.

Energy saving however is not limited to just lighting. For example power factor correction equipment can be fitted in industrial situations where there is a large amount of motors.

What we can do for you

Walker Miller can guide and advise the client towards reducing their carbon footprint. In some cases the cost of the works can be offset against an interest free loan from the carbon trust.

Although we are aware that cost also plays a part towards the project outcome we liaise with the client before during and after to deliver not only on time but to the customers individual budgets.

We are also working towards a paper free office environment

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Recent Projects

This is some informaton about some of the recent projects we have done.

Sheffield High School for Girls

The project is to carry out refurbishment of the Ground floor classrooms in Moor lodge ML1, ML2 and ML3 it was completed in August 2017...

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